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[14 Apr 2009|08:39pm]

Hi everyone. Ive been surfing for seven odd years but where i live, the surf's hugely fickle so im always looking for ways to 'cross train' for surfing when it's flat. Ive never tried skimming but im keen to give it a go as something to do on hot, flat summer days. So my questions are - is it fairly similar to surfing? And is it still fun when there's no waves? Cos I'd only ever be doing it when it's flat.
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[28 Jul 2006|10:36am]

heyyy i'm a girl and i'm new here, from long island ny, i've been skimming for about 3 years on and off, but mostly on the sand. last week i was skimming and i realized i have to start catchign waves and stuff, so i bought a zap wedge 2 yesterday. still haven't gotten a chance to ride it but i will on sunday. i'll try to post up some pics soon of the board and me skimming. anyone have any goo tips for starting to ride waves and stuff?
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skim magazine [09 Aug 2005|12:54pm]

anyone know if i can buy skim magazine at barnes n noble?? stupid question i know, but haven't found any place lately except the website to buy the magazine.
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South Padre Island,Texas-6/24/05 [27 Jun 2005|05:51pm]

i got out of work early and hit the beach around 4:30. the tide was all crap and there was hardly any room to skim. after eating shit several times and rolling my big toe under my foot, i decided it would be best to wait for the tide to go out. so i went skating around town and actually found a slightly used but good deck at a spot. after an hour i went back and the conditions weren't too shabby. i'm still a beginner and have yet unlocked the secret to riding waves. we don't have very good shorebreak down here and my board is complete crap. excuses,excuses. i try to work on speed and doing skateboarding type trix. powerslides,laybacks,shuvits,riding fakie,etc. i was able to learn how to turn into a wave and do a few wraps. so i guess i'm progressing. but i really want to learn to launch as high on a wave as i can on a skateboard. a fun day but my foot is still bruised. until next weekend.
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wow [27 Jun 2005|01:19pm]

hey sorry i havent updated this in a while.

today we went ditch skimmin cus there was bad thunderstorms and the gayass lifegaurds wouldnt let us go out. so we went in my flooded backyard and skimmed it up. hopefully it clears up enought to go out tonight.

im planning a skim at dusk and dawn thing that i want to do. for all of you in fl were gonna go to the east coast for sunrise skim session the head over to the west side to skim for the sunset. if you interested in this little trip let me know and we'll work somethin out.

latta days and bigga waves
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South Texas Skimming [22 Jun 2005|01:37pm]

just joined this thing and was wondering if there were any skimmers in the South Padre Island area. saw the South Texas Skim myspace but CC is too far for me. so let me know if you are in the valle!
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[21 Jun 2005|03:28pm]

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[20 Jun 2005|08:57pm]

Hey guys, what are some good skimboarding websites/online mags to check out?
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[18 Jun 2005|10:02pm]

Well. I had a moment today. I was at the Cocoa Beach Surf Company store, and I actually held a Vic Ultra for the first time. It was, for lack of a better term, orgasmic. But I also saw the boards the company makes. As far as I could tell, they are the same thing that Zap makes, even in price. They cost $160, but are on sale for $89.95. So, I traded in the coins I had in my room. I had $50.67, and dad is giving me work for $50, so I should either be getting it on the 19th, or next weekend. I'll post pictures of all three of my boards when I have the third one.
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[17 Jun 2005|08:02pm]

if im annoying tell me but neways this is my board
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[16 Jun 2005|10:53pm]

could someone tell me how to post pictures?
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This goes out to all the inconsiderate skimmers, and there are some questions too. Please Answer! [12 Jun 2005|07:55pm]

[ mood | curious ]

May you never hurt me or anyone of my family. For mark my words, I will snap your board in half with my bare hands, right in front of you if there is no apology.

That being said, I'll explain why I make this statement. I was at Indian Rocks Beach in Tampa on Saturday where the skimmers were out in droves due to Tropical Storm Arlene. Well, my mother was walking along the shoreline, sort of still in where the waves are breaking, but in plain sight nonetheless. Next thing I know, I see an asshole of a skimboarder, bleached blonde hair, braces, riding a carbon board (Exile I believe), throws his board down right in front of my mom, and ends up more or less tackling her into the surf. He then gets up and walks away, it was more of a run actually, without apologizing. My mom pursued and they got into a little tiff. I was right behind her to watch her back to make sure they didn't try anything, and to see how the kid would react. Total ass. It's people like him that give us a bad name. I sincerely hope that no one here would do that, because I would be the first to break your board in half.

Now all that out of the way, I'm thinking about buying a lighter board. Nothing too expensive, just something to play around with when I go to Cocoa. I was looking into one of the Zap boards they sell at the surf shop out there, but I have to ask some questions. Well three actually.

First, does the feel of plastic differ much from wood? Because right now I'm riding two woodies from Victoria because I've been mainly into just riding up and down the beach, but want to get into a little bit of riding waves.

Second, are the boards strong? With me, things to take a beating.

Third, would traction pads be worth getting? Do you really need them, and do they come off? Like if I break my board, are they recoverable?

Now the final two things, I was watching Spongebob the other day (because there was nothing else on) and Nickelodeon did there little spotlight on some sport, and lo and behold, it was on skimboarding. the kid was halfway decent too...Lastly, my sister wants to learn how to skim! So I'm guna give her my Vic Grinder to learn on in Jax. anyone else ride one of those? Is it good to learn on? I ask about learning because I learned on a smaller Vic, the one that caused me to tear ligaments in four toes. So yeah, if anyone answers my questions I'll give you a dollar.

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[10 Jun 2005|09:09pm]

hey all
names ryan..im 17 and i live in cape coral and do some skimmin at fort myers beach where there arent alot of waves but i do what i can.. been doin it for over a year and just found out about this little community
here are some pics

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[10 Jun 2005|01:20pm]

what up what up

i havent posted here in forever so i thought i might hit up for a change.i normally stick to surf but its been pretty flat in my area for surf so the skimboards been out.ive caught a few nice days out on captiva, really nothing less then thigh high lines.bowmans beach is finally gettin back to how it used to break so if anyone in the fm/naples area wants to head out there hit me up.

and for those flat days i suggest you go out and grab a copy of KNEE DEEP IN THE HOOPLA,by far one of the sickest skim vids i have ever seen.aloha.
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[09 Jun 2005|10:13pm]
i hate all the lame skimmers in my town.
EVERY kid that said they would come & skim with me is all the sudden "too busy" to go to the beach.. & THERE IS A TROPICAL STORM COMING TOWARDS US.. HELLO! KILLER WAVES, IDIOTS.
anyways.. i'm going to the north part of FL soon.. is there anyone that lives up there?
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the past two days have been insanely fun [08 Jun 2005|01:08am]

[ mood | so worn out ]

Yesterday was possibly the worst day to skim...yet, it was the best time I've ever had skimming. The water was ankle to mid-shin deep all the way out to the buoys so it was really shallow and flat for so long. My friend and I were doing stupid stuff like landing belly first on the boards and trying to sit Indian style while in motion. Shuvits were the easiest at that point and I got bit by a crab...good times.

As for today, I got to the beach around 10 and the shore break was really nice. If I could do wraps it would have been really amazing. It's dorkish but for the longest time I didn't even throw the board down because I was trying to pick up a pattern of the waves and work off that...didn't get too far. I did try things I've never tried before, such as getting on the board one foot a time, start running from further up the beach, and pumping. Eventually, I made it out the waves that I've been trying to get out to for the longest time. I attempted to do a wrap going head on to the wave and the furthest I got was hitting the top of the wave and trying to turn it back around, only my body would turn and my board didn't follow. suggestions?
After eating the best Mexican food I've ever had in all my life we went back to the beach. It was a lot more choppier, I guess, so trying to go head on towards the wave wasn't happening. Instead, I threw the board at like a 45 degree angle to the right and when I got out to a good wave try to do bust a wrap on that (mind you I have no clue what I'm doing as I'm attempting this) and it was the wierdest thing. I came onto the wave "frontside" and tried turning facing the ocean so it was a killer on my back. Anyhow, I ate so much shit trying to do that...SO WORTH IT!

falling is possibly the best part of skimming, agree?
But, I'm heading out again first thing tomorrow morning, I think that's when high tide is...
Have a great summer, everyone

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Gotta love Texas [07 Jun 2005|12:53pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

so... here's some skim pics from the past few sessions.

um yeah... go ahead and laugh, just cut me some slack, its Texas for cryin' out loud! (I'm so not honky I swear!!!)

Picturas de SkimCollapse )

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[07 Jun 2005|12:49pm]

ok i havent posted in here in forever.
so my finals are over and i've graduated so i FINALLY got a chance to hit the beach. but of course it was really choppy and everything just crumbled before it reached the shore. so i just fucked around on shore for a little while cause it was clean and flat. hopefully this sucky NY water will improve.. until then here are 2 pics my friend captured of me being an idiot. more pictures when the water improves.

ps that wasnt my board. i own a victoria.

friends are cool. (on myspace too....) <3
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What I Live For [07 Jun 2005|12:20am]

[ mood | stressed ]

Wasn't able to skim for very long today but was still fun.. Thanks to weezy we got some cool pics.

Have fun.

Greg's toe in the barrel.


Greg wrapping


Greg looking so hot with his sidestep.


Greg scoping out the game.


Greg (closest) - Me (furthest)


Greg with a jump.


Greg is jesus.


Greg before a wrap.


Greg also flies.


Evan (Me) doing something..


Me running for a wave.


On it.


Getting onto the board.


The drop.


On the way.


X-Rated butt shot (turtle boxers, duh.)




Well thats it.  Nothing too big today but was really organized and fun.  Friday looks like its going to be big.

Check out www.wetsand.com


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Bad Picture, Sexy Board [06 Jun 2005|12:26am]


Since the cool thing is to post pics of your board, heres mine..  a carbon large sol.  shitty picture sorry, off my webcam (digi is outta batteries.)

was gunna pose in my cheetah thong but thought it'd be a little much.


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