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This goes out to all the inconsiderate skimmers, and there are some questions too. Please Answer!

May you never hurt me or anyone of my family. For mark my words, I will snap your board in half with my bare hands, right in front of you if there is no apology.

That being said, I'll explain why I make this statement. I was at Indian Rocks Beach in Tampa on Saturday where the skimmers were out in droves due to Tropical Storm Arlene. Well, my mother was walking along the shoreline, sort of still in where the waves are breaking, but in plain sight nonetheless. Next thing I know, I see an asshole of a skimboarder, bleached blonde hair, braces, riding a carbon board (Exile I believe), throws his board down right in front of my mom, and ends up more or less tackling her into the surf. He then gets up and walks away, it was more of a run actually, without apologizing. My mom pursued and they got into a little tiff. I was right behind her to watch her back to make sure they didn't try anything, and to see how the kid would react. Total ass. It's people like him that give us a bad name. I sincerely hope that no one here would do that, because I would be the first to break your board in half.

Now all that out of the way, I'm thinking about buying a lighter board. Nothing too expensive, just something to play around with when I go to Cocoa. I was looking into one of the Zap boards they sell at the surf shop out there, but I have to ask some questions. Well three actually.

First, does the feel of plastic differ much from wood? Because right now I'm riding two woodies from Victoria because I've been mainly into just riding up and down the beach, but want to get into a little bit of riding waves.

Second, are the boards strong? With me, things to take a beating.

Third, would traction pads be worth getting? Do you really need them, and do they come off? Like if I break my board, are they recoverable?

Now the final two things, I was watching Spongebob the other day (because there was nothing else on) and Nickelodeon did there little spotlight on some sport, and lo and behold, it was on skimboarding. the kid was halfway decent too...Lastly, my sister wants to learn how to skim! So I'm guna give her my Vic Grinder to learn on in Jax. anyone else ride one of those? Is it good to learn on? I ask about learning because I learned on a smaller Vic, the one that caused me to tear ligaments in four toes. So yeah, if anyone answers my questions I'll give you a dollar.
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